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If you would like to try a couple of our blends we have a great offer on to get two 250G blends for just £15.

Pick any two blends you would like and the grind type you want.

If you want to go crazy you can add this bundle 3 times so you can try each blend we have on offer. 🙂


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A Blue Mountain Blend is often a design by a coffee roaster to emulate the famous Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans. This is our version.

We have blended speciality coffee beans from Brazil and El Salvador and roasted it in a way to bring out the natural sweetness.

This is an easy smooth drinking coffee that we are very proud of.


A two bean speciality Arabica blend with beans from Guatemala grown in the volcanic soils of tropical valleys and coffees from Cerrado Minas Gerais in Brazil.

A medium bodied espresso of soft acidity, with a maple syrup sweetness and hints of pecan.

As a milk based coffee, Thor presents milk chocolate and toffee flavours. Ensuring a deliciously smooth coffee.


A slightly darker roasted version of our Forseti Blend.

This is making the coffee stronger, it has a richer body and is roasted so it is close to the ‘roasty’ flavour without being burnt.

If you like strong coffee then you will probably really like this.


A blend of the finest Arabica speciality beans sourced from coffee farms in Brazil, Costa Rica and Indonesia.

A sweet and complex blend with a velvety body, resulting in a vibrant espresso with berry and stone fruit aromas.

As a milk based coffee, Freyja is smooth and mellow with sweet vanilla and milk chocolate flavours.


A blend of hand picked Brazil, El Salvador and India speciality Arabica beans. Ethically sourced from the finest coffee growers of South America and Asia.

A big full bodied espresso with a naturally sweet caramel flavour. Forseti Blend is balanced and with a muted acidity.

As a milk based coffee, Forseti Blend is sweet, creamy smooth and rich. Complimented by dark chocolate flavours.


A rich espresso blend designed for those who prefer full bodied complex coffees.

As an espresso you have bold flavours with a very low and smooth acidity followed by dark chocolate notes.

As a milk based coffee Bragi Blend is rich with a nougat sweetness and bakers chocolate.


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