Thor Blend

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A two bean speciality Arabica blend with beans from Guatemala grown in the volcanic soils of tropical valleys and coffees from Cerrado Minas Gerais in Brazil.

A medium bodied espresso of soft acidity, with a maple syrup sweetness and hints of pecan.

As a milk based coffee, Thor presents milk chocolate and toffee flavours. Ensuring a deliciously smooth coffee.

Similar to his portrayal in the Marvel universe. He’s sweet and a bit nutty, this is the perfect blend for the God of Thunder.

1 review for Thor Blend

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    This was the first time I’d tried coffee that’s designed for a cafetiere (or french press if you know it by that) and I have to say that I very much enjoy the flavor of this coffee although I will admit that I may not have the best press to use for it as my coffee (as brewed to the manufacturer’s specs) is usually a bit weaker than I like it.

    I have however since changed my brewing method and have gained a lot more flavor from the brew so I can say that I would recommend getting this blend if you’re looking for a decent starting point.

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